Our History

  1. History
  2.   Since its formation in The organisation has held a number of different course, conferences and retreats.
  3.   In 2007 as directed in John 10:16, I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
  4.  Three training events have been held in two different countries,  (in Dec 2007, May 2008 and Feb 2009), on “reaching out to people from other backgrounds”. Motivating youth to acquire an evangelistic lifestyles.
  5. After 2 seminars, the first in Kumasi, Ghana in 2008 and Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2009 the great need was felt,to have a wider reach, the great tool of a “website” project was launched, as its services are multipurpose:
  6. A. Mobilization
  7.  Conferences: Every February/March we hold annual mobilization conference which attended by several nationalities, A second conference is held in the summer for the teams to attend.
  8. We have been Running the “Perspectives courses on the world Christian movement” has been so effective in mobilizing Christians, together with our own 12 week REAP program (Recruit, Equip, Announce and Perform); with 2 outreaches.
  9.  Nourishment (Discipleship, 2 Titus 2:2), a ministry of publishing and translation; i.e. printing an evangelistic booklet sent to Brisbane for outreach.
  10. Teams In order to strengthen the working team spiritually, we hold half yearly team  conferences. We have already formed a team in Cairo, we hold a weekly discipleship meeting every Wednesday, together with our main prayer meeting. The Leadership team meets to pray and study once a fortnight.
  11. Every Saturday, we visit patients in neighbouring hospitals, an evangelistic outreach is held every other Friday. Occasionally, we hold training events for medical students, and training courses in apologetics and evangelism. The intention is to replicate the Cairo team in different cities.
  12. Field work:(John 4:35)
  13. City: Evangelitic events,
  14.  Annually we hold a 40 days prayer walk during this time each day we walk in the Greater Cairo, area with amazing results.
  15. Country: Besides field trips to squat areas around Cairo, there is a growing ministry in Upper Egypt (reaching out to more than 10 villages). This is a part of our ‘Decapolis’ project, aiming to reach 10 underserved regions in Egypt.
  16. NAME region: In 2012, we sent 2 members to a Gulf Country with promising results. Also, 2 medical doctors served in a mission hospital in Jordan. The have also participated participated in outreaches in Oxford & London. We are involved in partnerships with other countries.
  17. Administration:
  18. MAN International is registered as a Trust in the Middle East.
  19. In Egypt, it operates under the Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt.
  20. MAN has a U.S. arm & a Canadian Channel.

OUR Ministries

  • Evangelism

  • Training and Discipleship

  • Community Service