Our Mission

  1.  Message to all Nations (MAN) is an organization with a vision to reach out with the message of the gospel to the last, least, and the lost.
    Our vision: starting from our city we aim to rise up communities of faith in the majority world through mercy ministries, Apologetics and Nurture; Discipleship and Church growth and to help create a mission movement, implementing these five goals in the places we serve in (through the previous strategy).
          1. Salvation: through preaching the gospel clearly, by words and deeds.
          2. Healing/ Restoration: through the tent of mercy and medical ministry.
          3. Unity: Created through growth in discipleship and church growth, fulfilling the prayer of Christ (that they may all be one John 17:21)
          4. Reformation: through locals who received the Christ as Lord over their lives, and apply the Christian principles into their community.



OUR Ministries

  • Evangelism

  • Training and Discipleship

  • Community Service